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Antique is on tour!!! Catch her in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Ghana or Tanzania!!!

Antique is on tour!!! Catch her in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Ghana or Tanzania!!!

Greetings Community,

Thanks so much for stopping by. I founded Antique Edutainment to blend my 17 years of experience as an educator, my commitment to social and racial justice worldwide and my love for music and performance. Since it's beginning in 2013, Antique Edutainment has worked with over 40 organizations, 5 school districts and has traveled to over 5 countries and has contributed to curriculum for global organizations like UNESCO.  I also produce and perform music internationally and locally with my band Antique Naked Soul. Scroll down to learn more!

In Solidarity,

Candice Antique Davis, M.A.Ed., Founder

Antique is starting a digital Black history library in Ghana, West Africa this Summer. To donate, go to the link above!!!

Antique is starting a digital Black history library in Ghana, West Africa this Summer. To donate, go to the link above!!!

About Antique Edutainment

Antique Edutainment is a social justice organization that leverages music, dynamic facilitation and curriculum to engage educators, artists, youth development professionals and institutions in personal and social transformation. Antique Edutainment offers an engaging and entertaining array of research validated, results driven trainings and workshops that will bring out the best in your team. We use a blend of music and multi-media to craft trainings that capture the imagination and inspire. To see Antique Edutainment offerings click here.



“I felt like I didn’t deserve to be a singer. Dreams were for lucky people,” says Candice “Antique” Davis, founder of Antique Edutainment. 

Antique’s story starts in Long Beach, California. She was the child of teenaged parents who emphasized education. “Growing up I felt like I had to go to school and get a good job.” Antique didn’t know she could sing until she was 13 years old. “I grew up singing but I never thought I COULD sing. I think my mom has me on tape singing ‘Same Ole Love’ by Anita Baker when I like 7. Then one day I was singing, just playing around at school and someone said, ‘I didn’t know you could sing!’ From there I was hooked. I fell in love with singing. That day I started writing songs.” 

Antique continued to write songs and perform throughout high school and while attending UC Berkeley to earn her Bachelor’s in Sociology. During college she worked three jobs, as a barista, a classroom teacher’s aide and a social justice educator facilitating trainings for teachers and youth. "I loved teaching so much; especially young people. They are so innovative and insightful." After she graduated she sold everything she owned and moved back to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, but had to drop out due to lack of funds. "I’d put everything on the line to go to music school. I took this setback as evidence that I didn't deserve to live my dreams. I had nothing. Absolutely nothing but debt – I was jobless and hopeless.” Antique didn't perform again for years. She figured that she should give up on music and focus on the more practical path of being an educator. “Even though I loved teaching, I missed singing and writing and performing but I didn't have the courage to try pursuing music again.”  

Antique earned her Master's in Education, with an emphasis in Social Justice and Equity, from San Francisco State University while working full time and was awarded the Distinguished Graduate Student Award. Soon after, she was laid off. “A voice inside me said: This. Is. It. Shit or get off the pot. I decided to take a chance on myself although I was terrified. Once again I found myself jobless, with nothing. But this time, I wasn’t hopeless. I was either going to end up homeless or live my dream. Something inside me was unwilling to compromise again. And I can honestly say now: I am so glad that I took that risk.” Antique built Antique Edutainment from the ground up, blending her expertise as a professional development specialist for educators with her music. 

She started an all-vocal beatboxing band called Antique Naked Soul, which performs nationally; and she has performed and facilitated all over the world, from Ghana to Iran to Malta to Tanzania through “The Remember Project” which she founded in December 2014. In addition, Antique serves as the volunteer Associate Director for Young Gifted and Black of Oakland, a youth performance group aimed at instilling identity and pride in Black youth. She was commissioned by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to write a song for their Women in African History curriculum. She also does trainings and organizational coaching for youth development organizations nationwide. “My journey has been rocky. I gave up on myself a dozen times. I was broke and down and out but I will say that finally arriving here, at this place where I am doing what I love, was well worth every single hurdle.” Antique is currently continuing her work with the Remember Project with the Flying Under the Radar program, she will be traveling to Brazil to collaborate with a Brazilian artist to create a multi-disciplinary piece and she will be touring East Africa in the Fall of 2016.